Crosscarting for Children (5-12 years)

For an unforgettable experience, your children can try either our electic or combustion engine crosscart cars on our private track in Santa Claus Village.

The carts are equipped with safety frames and seatbelts. Also it is possible to adjust the maximum speed of the electric crosscart to be suitable for your childrens age/driving skills.

Price: 20€/10minutes

Midnight Hike

Experience the wildness of Lappish nature during a midnight hike. Enjoy quiet sounds of nature and take unique pictures in the white night of Lapland. See the sunset or midnight sun with your own eyes. Your guide will prepare some snacks.

Pick-up from accommodation
Short hike
Small snack and warm drinks by an open fire
Transportation back to accommodation

Price: Adults 75€; Children 40€


Visit a reindeer farm, enjoy the evening sun or just have some morning exercise in beautiful lappish views.
We organize different types of canoe trips on lakes and rivers. These programs do not require any prevous experience of canoeing.

Evening Sun Canoeing

Pick up from accomodation
1-2 hour canoeing in Ounasjoki or Kemijoki river
OPTIONAL: Break at open fire with small snack
Transportation back to accomodation

Total duration: 2-3 hours

Price: (without snack) Adults: 75€ Children: 55€
Price: (with snack) Adults: 95€ Children: 70€

Ask us about whole day canoeing trips!

Visit to Sierijärvi Reindeer Farm by Canoe

Pick up from accomodation
1-2 hour canoeing in Lake Sierijärvi
Visit to reindeeer farm Sieriporo
Transportation back to accomodation

Total duration: 4-5 hours

Price: Adults: 110€ Children: 80€

The Thrill of Speed on a jet boat / Vauhdin hurmaa turbiiniveneellä

A guided tour to see Rovaniemi from another perspective. This cruise is meant for those who look for some adrenaline boost and different kind of sightseeing on Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers.

Nyt on tarjolla hieman erilainen Rovaniemi-kiertoajelu.  Koe vauhdinhurmaa Regal-veneen kyydissä.  Kyyti pitkin Kemi- ja Ounasjokea on vauhdikasta, joten hatut on parempi jättää kotiin!

Duration: 1 h

Days: Daily

Price: 100€/adult, 50€/child (max.  5 people/cruise)

Visit Amethyst mine / Ametistikaivos-vierailu

A guided visit to Amethyst mine. Access to Amethyst mine, possibility to dig your own amethyst, guide for the hiking and transportations by minibus to Luosto and back to your hotel in Rovaniemi (~280km) are included in the price.

Opastettu kierros toiseen Euroopan kahdesta toiminnassa olevaan ametistikaivokseen. Sisäänpääsy ametistikaivokselle, oma ametistikivi, opas ja autokuljetukset hotellilta ametistikaivokselle kuuluvat hintaan.

Duration: ~4 h

Price: 100 €/adult, 50 €/child (4-12 years)

Visit to Reindeer farm and Huskypark by car / Vierailu porotilalle ja huskypuistoon autolla

Visiting a traditional reindeer farm and Huskypark by car. You will learn a lot about these arctic animals and you have a possibility to pet them. Pick up from your accommodation.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Price: 120€/adult, 60€/child

It is also possible to visit only one of the farms then the price is 40€ for Husky farm, 60€ for the Reindeer farm
Moose and reindeer spotting (min. 2 persons) start 15.8.2012

Pick up from accommodation.  Searching for moose and reindeer by car in Rovaniemi surroundings

Duration: 3 h

Price: 80€/adult, 50€/child

PARASAILING (min. 5 people, ask for guaranteed days)

This activity is completely different type of Rovaniemi sightseeing above Ounasjoki River. It allows you to experience beautiful Rovaniemi safely from the sky, as the parasail will lift you up to 110meters.




Trip to Levi

One to multiple day trips to most famous ski resort and outdoor activity place in Finland. Just let us know what you want to do. Is it hiking, fishing, horse riding, golf, cultural experiences or what? We can make your wishes come true. Contact us and tell what you prefer, we`ll give you offer as soon as possible.

Day trip to gold-mining country

During this whole day trip to Saariselkä, we will learn how to do gold washing and you can keep the gold you find. Duration: 9 hours. Then dinner and two coffee breaks are included in the price. It is also possible to organize an overnight trip. Accommodation can be organized in a tent or in a hotel.

Water sports

We can organize water skiing, wake boarding and water donut activities.