How can I book an activity?

You can use our Online Booking System, which can be found on top right corner of our homepage under “BOOK ONLINE”.


If there are issues with online booking or you have additional questions, you could e-mail us. Once you decide on a program you would like to join, please send us an e-mail stating the following:
1. The name you wish the booking be on
2. The desired program/-s
3. The number of participants
4. Whether the adults hold a driver´s license (Which country is it issued in?)
5. Preferred date of the activity

Please address the e-mail to

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Must I have a driver´s license?

All people who want to drive a snowmobile must hold a valid driving license for the passenger car (Category B). The licenses must be presented prior the departure.

Do I get thermal gear when going on an activity?

Yes, when booking an activity with us, we offer thermal overalls, winter boots as well as gloves and hats, if needed.
The gear will keep you warm, but it is always good to put more than one layer of clothes under it. It is a good idea to invest in warm woolen socks to keep your feet warm.

How far is the reindeer farm? How long does it take in minutes?

The reindeer farm Raitola is about 8km from Santa Claus Village. The snowmobiling there will take about 30 minutes. There are several different tracks and the guide will choose the right length according to the speed of the group.

How far is the snowmobile trip back to Arctic Circle Husky Park? How long does it take?

Arctic Circle Huskypark is next to our office in Santa Claus Village, about 8km from Raitola. The snowmobiling there will take about 30minutes. There are several different tracks and the guide will choose the right length according to the speed of the group.

How long are the husky sleigh ride and the reindeer sleigh ride included in the price? How long do they take?

Both rides, with reindeer and with huskies are 500meters. The duration depends on the weather (specially temperature) and on the mood of the animals. You can imagine that it doesn’t take a long time, a few minutes.

Is it possible to enjoy longer husky sleigh rides?

It is possible to have longer husky rides with extra payment. For example if you want to have a 2 km ride instead, you must pay extra +20€/adult, 15€/child.

At the farms, will they offer us any warm drinks?

At both farms, you will be offered warm drinks and some snacks and you will learn a lot about the animals and farm life. Also, there will be a possibility to warm up by the open fire.

How far is the Huskypark from Snowmobile Park? How long does it take?

Huskypark is next door to us, the snowmobiling back to the office takes around 5 minutes. In total the snowmobiling during this excursion will last at least for 1hour, normally more.

When does the safari start? Is the starting time flexible?

For our daily programs, the normal meeting time is 9.30 a.m. at Snowmobile Park. We are a small family business, so we can aslo be as flexible as possible. If the safari is booked private, flexible stating times are possible. Private safari fee is 50% of the total value and it ensures flexibility and that there will only be your party and our guide.

Is the lunch included in the price?

Lunch is not included in most of our safaris, unless specified otherwise in the product descriptions. For Snowmobile safari to Reindeer and Husky Farms, it is possible to add buffet lunch for additional 15€/person.

Can under 4-year-olds join the safari?

Infants can join the safari, but they cannot sit alone in the sledge. One of the adults (or older siblings) must sit with them at all times. The person accompanying the baby can be periodically switched.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept MasterCard and Visa, both credit and debit, however, we do not serve American Express cards.

Are there any additional fees?

Thermal overalls and other equipment needed for snowmobiling are included in the price. The only additional fees may arise if you would like to purchase some souvenirs or prolong your husky sledge ride.

Would it be possible to take a child between two adults onto a snowmobile?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. It is really dangerous. The only safe place for a small child to sit is in the sledge behind the snowmobile. Over 140 cm tall children can sit as a passenger on a snowmobile. Children can never sit in front of the driver.

Is this activity suitable for children?

Yes, this is our most popular safari for families. Actually almost all of our safaris and excursions are suitable for children. Only ice-carting, ice-rally and parasailing are not possible for children.

What are the safaris / activities that you recommend for children?

According to one family who have done all our safaris during the past week, these are these children’s absolute favorites:

  • Snowmobile safari to Reindeer and Husky Farms + Santa Claus village + transportations)
  • 10 min mini-snowmobile circuit ride on supervised track
  • Excursion to Ranua Zoo (The northernmost zoo in the world, full of arctic animals)

This family also loved the excursion to the Europe’s only active Amethyst mine, where you can dig your own lucky stone, but as your family will be spending only two whole days here, I recommend only Reindeer and Husky Farm visits and Ranua Zoo day excursions.

What activities are only for children?

The only activity which is designed specifically for children. The ride is 10 minutes and happens on the circle track, located in our front yard. The activity costs 20€/mini-snowmobile. Minimum age of participants is 4 years of age.