Northern Light safaris by snowmobile (Min. 2 people)

Let our guide lead you on a different kind of a snowmobile adventure in the nearly unlit nature, where only moonlight, stars and snowmobile light systems will light your way.

In the middle of the wilderness, we will have a break to look on the sky. The guide will prepare an open fire for you to warm up, and you can enjoy warm refreshments and grill sausages.

If we are lucky and the sky is clear, we might see the flaming northern lights dancing in the sky while we experience the silence.

This excursion suits best for heathy adults, but also children can join the safari sitting on a sledge under warm blankets. Note the late time of the excursion!

Fee includes transportation to the starting point, fuel, guide services, snowmobiling equipment, thermal overalls, sausages and hot drinks by open fire. Duration of the program is approximately 3 to 4 hours.

150€/adult, 1adult/snowmobile
120€/adult, 2adults/snowmobile

Please note: In order to drive a snowmobile, valid drivers licence is required.