1 – Jukka knows everything about snowmobiles, he must have been born on a snowmobile. He’s our tutor when it comes to welcoming people, nature, guiding snowmobile safaris or snowmobile maintenance. He loves speed. He has even made a world record driving a snowmobile from Rovaniemi to the Arctic sea (1580km) in only 58 hours.

2 – Juho is our daredevil. He loves extreme sports everywhere, no matter if it is in the water, on the snow or on the ice. It is nothing unusual if he is bleeding or walking like a zombie, so don’t get scared. We are still a bit confused why everybody wants to have a photo with him….?

3 – Janne is our solid professional. His first toys were some snowmobile parts, so he has been dealing with these machines since childhood. Even on his days off he goes snowmobiling. That must be what people call passion.

4 – Suvi is our smurfette. (Please don’t ask us why, as none of us knows the history of the nickname) Guys, don’t let her beautiful appearance distract you. She will beat you for sure when it comes to snowmobiling. Suvi studies forest engineering so feel free to ask her anything about Finnish nature.

5- Alec is our reindeer and husky whisperer. He’s a perfect combination of Latin and Lappish cultures. It is easy to forget all your hurries when you’re with him. Alec radiates peacefulness and he must know animal languages as all the animals love him.

6 – Ruslan is our crazy Russian brother. He’s an artist and our IT support. He knows how to play saxophone, clarinet and snowmobile. He doesn’t enjoy being serious, so he is trying to joke all the time. You’re not alone if you don’t get all his jokes!

7 – Anu is our lovely coordinator. For her it is easy to find common language with children as well as with adults. If our company was a family – she would be our mother. Her level of hospitality and care exceeds all acceptable norms!

8 – Ville is our joker. Boring moments don’t exist with him as he will always find a way to entertain himself and the people around him. He loves all kinds of games and sports and that is the reason why he decided to change the career and become sports instructor. His welder skills still help us every once in a while.

9 – Sini is our specialist when it comes to arctic animals. It is not only that she knows the animals but somehow it seems like also the animals are interested in her. Could it be because of her smell? Or maybe it is the smile and good spirit that light up the day of anyone.

Maria is our lovely Spanish sister. She’s a contemporary jewelry artist. You can find her in the forest searching for inspiration, climbing or skiing.

Alexander is our smiley boy. He loves to make people happy and that is why he has started to work with tourists and travelers. In his free time he plays guitar and ice-hockey.